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Famciclovir: No Shingles or Cold Sores
Famciclovir can be indicated for a number of reasons. All in all, the preparation is an effective medicine for different forms of herpes. First of all, the medicine is intended for treating recurrent herpes labialis or simply cold sores that from time to time may appear on the face. Other indications include:
recurrent genital herpes;
herpes zoster (shingles);
orolabial or genital herpes (in patients with HIV).

Famciclovir: Contraindications
The following cases have not been thoroughly studied, so the following groups of patients are not recommended to take Famciclovir:
patients under 18 yrs. old;
patients that have had the very first episode of herpes;
patients who have ophthalmic zoster;
patients with a weakened immune system (except for HIV patients who suffer from oralabial or genital herpes);
African American patients who have recurrent episodes of genital herpes.

Before you use Famciclovir make sure you don’t suffer from an allergy to any ingredient contained in the medicine.

Famciclovir tablet versions
You can buy different versions of Famciclovir. Pill weights available are 125, 250 and 500 mg. Tablets are round, unscored and film-cored.

Famciclovir: Way of Administration & Usage
Famciclovir is to be taken by mouth. Dosing recommendations are different for different types of herpes.
A recommended dose for herpes labialis is 1500 mg taken once. It is very important to begin treatment as soon as soon as first signs of the illness appear.

A recommended dose for genital herpes is 1000 mg taken twice a day during a single day. If you treat a chronic condition, take 250 mg of Famciclovir as a part of suppressive therapy twice per day.
A recommended dose for herpes zoster is 500 mg taken every eight hours during a week.
HIV patients with recurrent genital or orolabial herpes is the same as for herpes zoster but twice a day throughout a week.

Famciclovir: Warnings
You should tell your doctor if you suffer from a renal disorder. Improper dosage may lead to renal failure in such patients. You might need to reduce the dosage in order to avoid health consequences. Ask your doctor what can be done about this problem. Don’t make any dose adjustments on your own.

Famciclovir: Possible Side Effects
Famciclovir may cause the following adverse effects: headache and nausea. Other side effects are also possible.

If they any symptom becomes bothersome after Famciclovir administration, contact your doctor at once or seek emergency medical attention at once!

Your doctor can tell you the entire list of possible side effects Famciclovir may bring on.

Famciclovir: Storage
Optimal storing conditions are:
room temperature;
dry dark place;
away from children.

Famciclovir: Where to buy?
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