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Tamoxifen: Drug description
Tamoxifen represents a class of anti-oestrogen medicaments that are usually used in treatment of breast cancer. This medication might also be used in treatment of some other types of carcinoma.

Generic tamoxifen may be used to cure or avert possible side effects in some men during the treatment of prostate gland cancer. Some side effects can take place as a reaction of other hormonal therapies.

Tamoxifen: General information and usage
Tamoxifen generic plays a role of a barrier that blocks the activity of female hormones. Specific types of carcinoma require the growth of estrogen in organism. This type of carcinoma is known as hormone-positive breast cancer. The cells of the ER-positive (estrogen receptor) breast cancer have receptors. Very often the hormones get attached to these receptors. When the female hormone attaches to the receptor, it provokes the division of the cells. Thus, carcinoma grows in its size.

Tamoxifen fits into those receptors and prevents the hormone from contacting with the carcinoma cells. By working this way, the tumour stops growing, or grows slower. Tamoxifen is mainly used in treatment of breast cancer in females and males.

Before you decide to use tamoxifen, you should know that the medication is also used to lower the possibility of breast cancer development if the patient has a high risk of its occurrence (family history of certain carcinoma). The medication might also be used for aims that are not mentioned above.

Tamoxifen: Recommended dosage
The medicine is manufactured in form a tablet. Usually, it is recommended to swallow the tablet and take water with the medicine. The tablets might be produced in different strengths: 10mg, 20mg and 30mg.

Before use Tamoxifen, you might want to know that the medication might be manufactured under various brand names. Sometimes, the medication might also be available as syrup for people who find difficult swallowing the medicine.

The medicine must be taken as a daily dosage, unless prescribed otherwise by your physician. The medicine must be taken each day during the period of the treatment. Some patients might feel discomfort while taking the medication. Tamoxifen has a metallic taste, so it is better to take it with food. Furthermore, the dosage of the tamoxifen may depend on numerous factors, including the following: additional medical conditions, other medicaments and the response to the following drug.

As with any medicament, you must not adjust the prescribed dosage unless your physician specifically directs the patient to do so. The physicians advise to take Tamoxifen regularly to maintain the level of the drug in the patient’s blood. The medicine is to be taken as prescribed for best treatment results. Tamoxifen will not work if the patient stops taking it.

Tamoxifen: Precautions
Contact your physician before you use tamoxifen if you have a heart disorder, involving congestive heart failure. It is also advised to stop taking the medicine if you do not know how the following medicine affects you. It is also not advised to perform any actions that need alertness.

Moreover, the patient must inform his physician if he has Kidney illness or kidney defect. If you have Kidney decease, it is recommended to be monitored by your doctor while you are taking the medicine that is prescribed to you.

It is advised to tell the physician about any allergies, involving the allergies to the other hormonal therapy. Furthermore, let your physician know if you are currently pregnant. Tamoxifen has serious health risks to the unborn baby. Take into the consideration that if you are feeding your child with breast milk, it might harm the unborn baby.

Tamoxifen: Possible side effects
The potential side effects can occur sometimes. Before going to use tamoxifen, it would be wise to read about its side effects. Not everyone who takes the following medicine will experience the side effects. In fact, most individuals endure the medicine quite well. If side effects do take place, they are generally insignificant, and either need no treatment or can easily be handled by you or your doctor.

Serious side effects do not occur very often. During some clinical experiments, the most common side effect noticed was headache, swelling and depression when contrasted to those who did not get the medicament. No other side effects took place in more than 1 percent of the people who participated in the experiment. In some cases, you should not take the medicine at all. These cases include occasions when you have an allergy to some ingredients of the medication.

That is why it is always better to contact the physician before you decide to use Tamoxifen, or any other medicine. You must inform the physician about all the medicaments you are presently taking before you use Tamoxifen, comprising prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

If you are taking the drug, do not use any salt replacements containing potassium supplements without previous consultation with your doctor. People who are used to take too much of this medicament might have slight overdose symptoms that can comprise an excessively low blood pressure, or increased heart ratio.

If the patient decides to use Tamoxifen, and uses it for a long period of time, then liver and lung functions will need to be tested very often. You need to visit your physician regularly. Tell the physician that you are you using this medicine if you have some side effects mentioned above.

Tamoxifen: Drug interaction
The medicine might interact with various drugs. Contact your physician for more information before use Tamoxifen.

Tamoxifen: Missed dosage
If the patient has missed to take the medicine, it is advised to take it as soon as he remembers.

Tamoxifen: Overdose
Get immediate help in case of overdose.

Tamoxifen: Storage
The medication is to be stored at a room temperature.