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What is augmentin?
Augmentin is a combination antibiotic used to treat different bacteria-induced infections. It consists of amoxicillin (?-lactam antibiotic) and potassium clavulanate (?-lactamase inhibitor). Both these antibiotics are used for the treatment of bacterial infection, and their combination results in more power antibiotic with broader spectrum of action.

Augmentin is prescribed for the treatment of different infections, including:
respiratory tract infections (such as pneumonia and bronchitis)
ear infections
urinary tract infections
skin infections
dental infections
others bacterial infections.

Augmentin is supplied as regular, chewable, and extended-release tablets. It is available in 250 mg and 500 mg dosages.

Is Augmentin right for me?
You should not use Augmentin if you:
Are allergic to amoxicillin, potassium clavulanate, penicillin, ampicillin, cephalosporin antibiotic, or other penicillin antibiotic
Are suffering from mononucleosis, liver disease, or kidney disease
Are breast-feeding
Are taking other drugs, especially probenecid, allopurinol, other antibiotic, or blood thinner.

If you are not sure if Augmentin is a safe drug for you, consult your doctor before using it.

What are the side effects?
Seek medical care if you develop any signs of allergic reaction (such as difficulty breathing, swelling of your tongue or face, hives) or some other serious side effects:
watery or bloody stool
yellowish skin
dark urine
skin rash
stomach pain

To eliminate the risk of developing side effects ensure that Augmentin is a safe medication for you and follow the instructions on the patient information leaflet.

How should I take Augmentin?
You should take Augmentin in accordance with the recommendations you will find on the patient information leaflet.

Augmentin regular and extended-release tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water. Chewable tablets should be chewed before swallowing. Take Augmentin before a meal to reduce the risk of developing stomach upset.

The recommended adult dosage is a 500 mg tablet every 12 hours or a 250 mg tablet every 8 hours. The dose may be increased for severe infection. Keep in mind that one 500 mg tablet of Augmentin is not equivalent to two 250 mg tablet.

Try to take the doses at the same time each day. It is very important to complete the full course of treatment. Do not stop taking Augmentin before you complete the prescribed course.

Where can I purchase Augmentin?
The fastest and the most convenient way to get Augmentin is to order it online. Generic Augmentin is chemically identical to its branded counterparts, so you will be able to buy quality product at lower price. The cost of drugs in online-pharmacies is usually lower than in physical drugstores. Besides, it is possible to use Augmentin, so you won’t have to visit your doctor. Other benefits of the online-pharmacy include:
You can avoid driving to the hospital/pharmacy and standing in lines
You can save your time, as it takes a couple of minutes to order
You do not have to leave your house/office to get Augmentin
You are free to choose the most convenient payment/shipment methods
The procedure of making the order is very simple and does not require special knowledge
You won’t have to speak with the pharmacist about your problems in front of a line
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